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Forsythia 'Meadowlark'


3½" Pot-18/tray

A hybrid of Early Forsythia (F. ovata), native to Korea, and Albanian Forsythia (F. europaea), native to Europe. This is the hardiest of all forsythias evaluated at NDSU. Meadowlark forsythia, a cultivar introduced by North Dakota State University, South Dakota State University and the Arnold Arboretum in 1986, performs well in plantings throughout the Northern Plains. Showy yellow flowers. The largest shrub in North Dakota is 13 feet tall with a canopy spread of 15 feet. Purple fall foliage.

Plant Details

Item # FORS MEA18
Hardiness Zone USDA ZONE: 4-8
Foliage Deciduous
Form Shrub
Height 6 to 11 ft.
Spread 6 to 11 ft.
Other Sizes Offered None