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Viburnum AMERICAN SPICE™ (V. x 'Duvone') PP17751

Fragrant Viburnum

3½" Pot-18/tray

American Spice is one of the best kept secrets among fragrant viburnums! A sport of V. x ‘Sarcoxie’ which is a cross between V. carlesii and V. burkwoodii. American Spice is a tight, compact growing plant with the glossy foliage of its burkwoodii parentage but the shorter, more refined growth habit of the carlesii. The internodes are relatively short creating dense, slow-medium growth. In bud they are coral pink opening to pure white and extremely fragrant; probably the most spicy scented flowers of all the fragrant vibes. And flowers aren’t its only attribute; the glossy dark green foliage turns a magnificent maroon red in the fall. We have had it growing near the entrance of our Michigan nursery for years and it hasn’t died back at all.


Plant Details

Patent # PP17751
Hardiness Zone USDA ZONE: 5
Foliage Deciduous
Form Shrub
Brand Very Fragrant
Height 4 to 5 ft.
Spread 4 to 5 ft.
Other Sizes Offered None

Pricing (per plant)

28+ Trays $3.29
6-27 Trays $3.39
2-5 Trays $3.59
1 Tray $3.80
<1 Tray N/A
Royalty $0.60
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