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The New Greenhouse

In April we started building the first bay of a gutter-connect greenhouse that joins seven poly houses. The new bay is 24' x 180'. We plan to start sticking cuttings in the new structure the first week of June.

The greenhouse will become six bays and give us the much needed space required for direct sticking into our 3½"x5" deep pots with the poly houses used for hardening off. The balance of the greenhouses will be strictly for finishing the liners for sale. UPDATE: We stuck the first cuttings in this house June 6 and it was filled June 19.

Exceptional Relationships

We have partnered with several quality brands to offer their plant introductions in our liner list. While we are testing them in our propagation system, we keep in mind our customer feedback on the types of plants you are looking for. The brands that we are currently partnered with are:

Chicagoland Grows®, JN Plant Selections, Lake County Nursery Selections, PlantHaven International, Plants Nouveau, Star® Roses & Plants, and Upshoot. We are also privileged to be trusted to propagate selections our customers have made over the years.