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Viburnum Spice Island one month from sticking

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder!

A cutting with multiple roots emerging, the earthy "smell" of the greenhouse, and the leaves perky and functioning. That's beautiful to a propagator.

The 2017 cutting crops are doing well. Some of the varieties are sold out already and many projected numbers are selling down as well. We are taking orders for both 2018 and 2019.

New Customer Ordering

We sell only to businesses, preferably plant based businesses. We are NOT a mail-order retail nursery, we sell to professionals who have a working knowledge of growing plants in a production environment.
To order, email the quantity (divisible by full tray quantity of the size you want to order) and the week you want them shipped. Our minimum order is two trays. Include your billing and shipping info, daytime phone number, and how you plan to pay.
An order acknowledgement will be e-mailed for your approval. Three weeks before the anticipated ship date an invoice will be sent including shipping. When payment is received, your order will be placed in the shipping queue.

Order NOW for 2018 and get 2017 pricing.