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Flowering Shrub and Evergreen Liners

Richey Nursery Company was founded in 1986 initially as a container nursery to supply the local landscape trade. But soon evolved into a propagation wholesale nursery. Many nurseries propagate their own plants and sell the surplus, but RNC’s passion was to specialize in propagation. Each variety and cultivar have their own “recipe” needed to put roots on the cuttings. In other words, the combination of environmental conditions, stage of growth of the cutting, and supplemental applications all interact to successfully produce a liner that grows on in the most efficient amount of time.

Almost from the beginningRichey Nursery it was obvious that a pot-grown liner out performs a bare root liner in most situations. So RNC pursued that end; propagating flowering shrub and evergreen liners in a “quart” pot. That designation isn’t used anymore since that size isn’t consistent in the industry, so we use as our standard size the 3½” x 5″ deep pot, 18 per tray. Plants are actively growing when shipped most months except November through most of February. The trees and shrubs are greenhouse grown and hardened off prior to shipping. The goal is to produce a tree liner or shrub liner that will continue growing without any transplant shock and finish sooner than most any other liner out there. A healthy, well growing plant liner overcomes a
multitude of environmental hurdles.

Our team members are dedicated people who not only do their work well, but enjoy doing it (most of the time). The next generation is now actively involved in the future of the nursery. The passion remains: propagate and deliver a liner that exceeds the customers’ expectations.