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Propagators of Tree & Shrub Liners for Exceptional Nurseries

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Chalet® Azalea series

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Ordering Procedure

Please Note that our new minimum order is 180 PLANTS and shipping for less than 24 TRAYS will be a minimum of 40% of the plant total.

  • The best way to contact us is by e-mail.
  • Review availability, choose varieties, size, and quantity desired.
  • Request the shipping week.
  • Provide billing and shipping info including contact name and daytime phone number.
  • We will enter the order and return an acknowledgement.
  • We will contact you about payment options.
  • Thank you for business.






Weekly Availability

We update our online availability every Thursday or Friday afternoon so the numbers you see on the website are most likely less than a week old. Some times of the year the numbers are estimates and others are calculated since liners are dynamic and change grade quickly.

You can sign up for an email that is sent every Thursday or Friday whenever the availability is updated. It has the featured plant picture and description as well as a PDF availability attached and a link to this website.

Once you sign up, wait a minute, you should receive a followup e-mail that verifies the subscription. IF YOU DON'T VERIFY YOUR SUBSCRIPTION, YOU WON'T RECEIVE THE E-MAILS.

Please contact us if you don't receive the followup e-mail so our webmaster can remedy the situation.