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One of the main questions we get is, “How are you going to ship the plants?”

Several options tried over the last couple of decades have been narrowed down to two ways that are proven reliable.

We have worked with the same broker at since 2004 for pallet shipping. Ten truck lines provide quotes; he knows which shipping lanes are the most efficient. He calls terminals along the way to make sure our pallets keep moving. Most areas in the upper mid-west and mid-south are one or two days transit.

Several years ago we sent a box of plants to the FedEx shipping school in Memphis, TN. They tested the box by dropping it from several different angles, then evaluated the contents.shipping We received a comprehensive report with pictures and suggestions to improve our packaging. We haven’t had any significant shipping damage since following their suggestions.

Shipping is based on the number of trays in the order. Generally less than 24 trays will be shipped FedEx Ground in boxes. Greater quantities will be loaded on wooden racks and shipped on a common carrier.

Our shipping racks hold 48 trays. We can make modifications when we build them to accommodate taller upright plants or fewer shelves for smaller orders. The racks are very durable and can be used after receiving the shipment to move the plants efficiently in your production.

We pack our FedEx boxes with biodegradable peanuts. They are made of starch so you can spray them with water and they disappear. The boxes hold two trays.