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Azalea x poukhanense Chalet® 'Plum'

Korean azalea

3½" Pot-18/tray

Its magenta-plum colored flowers are the darkest in the series. It has subtle color spots in the throat so it has an overall purple hue. The magenta colored stamens make the color pop even more. The accepted botanical name for the Chalet hybrids is Rhododendron yedoense var. poukhanense x … these hybrids are the hardiest of the evergreen azaleas.

Azalea p. Chalet Plum flw trayAzalea Chalet Plum

Plant Details

Item # AZAL PLU18
Hardiness Zone USDA ZONE: 5-9
Foliage Evergreen
Form Shrub
Brand NEW!
Height 4 to 5 ft.
Spread 4 to 5 ft.
Other Sizes Offered None